Security Intelligence Platform

Real-time, contextualised and validated intelligence to empower your security defenders to stay ahead of your adversaries.


Security intelligence is perhaps the most critical component of an effective cyber security model. 

Security / threat intelligence provides organisations with the knowledge and context on who is attacking them, the threat actor’s motivations and capabilities, and emerging malicious campaigns.  

An effective security intelligence platform also provides defenders with validated indicators of compromise to look for in your system, which eliminates the need for manual research ­– so they can focus on their core duties. 

How can we

Our threat intelligence experts have worked with the world’s leading provider of AI and machine learning powered security intelligence – Recorded Future.

We successfully on-boarded and integrated a comprehensive and bespoke solution at a major financial institution, and provided expert guidance to several other clients to ensure the platform seamlessly meets their unique needs. 

Additionally, we provide training workshops for security teams to make sure they are using the platform and its advanced functionalities to its full capability.  

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