Penetration Testing

How often do you test your security controls?

Our technical experts will help you discover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Why is regular testng

According to IBM’s 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average total cost of a single data breach is now USD $3.86 million. 

If your business collects personally identifiable information (PII), or customer payment data, you’re likely to experience targeted attacks by cybercriminals. 

You may have a mature security team, however, independent expert testing provides business leaders with the assurance and confidence that their organisations are prepared to defend against cybercriminals and emerging threats. 

digital vulnerability discovery & penetration Assessment

We utilise the latest tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to test and secure your website, systems and networks against cyber threat actors.

Our robust penetration assessments gives you, and your customers, the peace of mind and confidence that you’re complying with corporate governance requirements such as: PCI DSSSOXHIPPA, & ISO 27001.

social engineering & physical penetration ASSESSMENT

Organisations often invest significant time and resources to protect their virtual IT systems and networks. However, protecting their physical assets is often neglected or rarely subjected to rigorous testing.

This means advanced cyber security controls could be by-passed by simply exploiting ineffective physical security barriers and procedures.

Our law enforcement trained covert operatives use advanced social engineering and proven exploitation techniques to attempt to stealthily access our clients physical IT environments.

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