Insider Threat Mitigation

We classify insider threats as any employee who is – directly or indirectly –harming your organisation.

Why is it

Secure organisations recognise their employees provide the best security defence. Employees know your organisation inside out. They have access to your critical systems and confidential data. 

But this also makes employees valuable targets for financially, politically or ideologically motivated threat actors.

You may have strong technical security controls and practices in place, such as: role-based access control systems, periodic user access reviews, simulated phishing assessments, and strict separation of duties policies. 

These are all effective industry best practices – but insider threats are constantly evolving to find new ways to evade detection. 

How can we

If you suspect an employee is corrupt, selling your propriety information to competitors, or is compromising the integrity and reputation of your organisation – in anyway – you should act now. We’ll help you prove or disprove wrongdoing. 

Our law enforcement trained experts also provide prevention and intervention support: to resolve disruptive behaviours in the workplace – associated with Ideologically Motivated Employees (IMEs). 

Contact us if you suspect you have an insider threat problem.