Security Intelligence & Threat Mitigation

From the team that has seen it all. We’re law enforcement and corporate security experts. We empower organisations to stay several steps ahead of threat actors – internal & external. 

About Us

Divergent Risk Group is a fast growing enterprise security intelligence and threat mitigation consultancy. Our trusted people are law enforcement and corporate security experts with specialisms in: cyber security, counter terrorism, corruption, and insider threat investigations.

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Our Services

Security Intelligence

Reduce operational risk with intelligence that is timely, accurate, and actionable. We leverage the power of contextualised and real-time intelligence. To identify and disrupt your adversaries: we provide confidential advisory and access to leading security intelligence technology.

Penetration Testing

Digital and physical security assessments are not box ticking exercises. We systematically test and challenge your internal & external security controls. Our people will help you avoid being the most vulnerable – or exposed – company in your industry.

Insider Threat Mitigation

Insider threats are malicious employees or contractors. They could be financially, politically or ideologically motivated – or compromised. Our team provide confidential preventative and investigative support to organisations.

Specialist Operations Training

Our global network of law enforcement experts delivers leading covert training courses. Our specialist courses are only open to select law enforcement agencies, and limited enterprise-level corporations.

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