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Know your enemies, know your vulnerabilities, know your threats. 

Our law enforcement trained cyber threat intelligence experts help our clients to disrupt adversaries and protect their organisations!

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About Us

Divergent Risk Group is a cyber threat intelligence and threat mitigation consultancy, headquartered in Australia.

Our trusted experts are all former law enforcement professionals. 

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Our Services

Security Intelligence Solution

As former law enforcement professionals, we recognise the criticality of cultivating and leveraging contextualised and validated intelligence to disrupt the activities of adversaries. We empower organisations by providing bespoke cyber threat intelligence guidance, and access to a leading security intelligence platform.

Trust & Test Assessment

The average cost of a data breach is now $3.86 million. How confident are you that your systems are secure? Our non-jargon speaking technical team will conduct a comprehensive assessment and help you remediate your vulnerabilities.

Employee Integrity Testing

Insider threats (malicious employees) maybe selling your propriety information and sensitive data to threat actors or competitors. Our team will support you to prove or disprove wrong-doing and help you mitigate the threat.

Covert Operations Training

Our global network of former Detectives and Federal Agents deliver word-class covert training courses in over 14 countries. *This service is available to law enforcement agencies and select enterprise-level corporations only*

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